Saturday, December 20, 2014

quality literature: the giver (gathering blue, messenger, son)

i read the giver when it first came out back in '93.  with the recent movie hype, it was brought to mind again and i realized there were three more in the series that i had never read.  i read all four in the quartet this month and loved them just as much as i did when i read the very first.  the thing about young adult literature is that it cuts to the heart of the matter.  these books have a lot of heart.  the first is set in a utopian society.  the second is in a primitive dystopian village.  the third brings the two societies together with a climatic ending and sacrifice.  that could have been the end, but lois lowry wrote one more.  son.  in it she retells the past from a new perspective then brings you back to the future once more.  sadly, the same fight must be waged again.  this time, however, it is much quieter.  anticlimatic, really.  mostly it is just words.  in case you miss this important detail, i will tell you.  there is a great power that resides in contentment.

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