Monday, December 22, 2014

good blog reads

are things this festive at your house?  this one was quite full of himself on the last day of school.  he really was adorable in his holiday happiness.  he's sporting new antlers from his favorite teacher and sharing the christmas tree he painted in math class.  i'll spare you the green polka dot boxers that he declared were the best part of his outfit.  i'm saving those for the embarrassing slideshow when he graduates from high school.  let's not think about that too much now though.  he has to graduate 5th grade first.

here are a few new blogs and a couple old ones that had fallen off my radar.  just in case you catch a lull in holiday shenanigans and need a little extra reading material. art journaling girl currently living in korea. collaborative gardening blog and what to do with the fruits of your labor.  always dreaming of spring, i am. machine knitter on the shetland islands.  gorgeous.  i think this one is a collaborative photography blog.  i forget. london girl living in australia.  high fashion with a vintage flair and what!  they just moved to a little farm.  it's green acres all over again!  ;) beautiful childhood candid photography.  sometimes traveling.  simple living.  pregnancy and baby stuff from time to time.

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