Monday, December 29, 2014

g's bookshelf: frindle

i know some of you may have been wondering (from my last post) how i could possibly cheat at my own game.  well, for starters, i pulled book #50 in my quest from g's virtual bookshelf.  i downloaded "frindle" for him earlier this month as it was a novel they were reading in language arts and he needed it to complete a homework assignment.  i had read a chapter in the middle to help him with said homework assignment and was slightly confused (from starting in the middle) and very intrigued.  turns out i was right to be intrigued.  IF YOU ARE A SCHOOL TEACHER (NO MATTER THE SUBJECT OR GRADE LEVEL) READ THIS BOOK!  i LOVED it!  i loved that adorable inquisitive student on the front cover, i loved his teacher, and i loved the message.  i totally teared up at one point.  this is a great read; don't discount it because it's written on a fifth grade level.

what g had to say:

g hasn't finished it yet.  he really didn't care to tell me anything about it.  he said, "it's more we're forced to read it because we have to do that packet (my teacher gave me)."  they were given a big packet of worksheets they've been plowing through and it seems this has killed his interest in the story.  hmmm.  i think there is a lesson here as well.

p.s. for my final cheat, i have begun another trilogy.  i am positive i can finish the first book in the allotted time and as long as i've gotten the next one started, i'm calling it good.  52 books is in the bag.  ;)

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  1. A few years after I started teaching, this book came out, and my fifth graders LOVED it. I bought a class set (gosh, I miss Scholastic book orders!) and everyone started reading it.