Tuesday, December 16, 2014

deck the halls 2014: oh, christmas tree!

i am quite charmed by our tree this year.  i'm going to go ahead and say that it's the nicest one we've ever had.  it's not that tall, right around six feet, but it's fat and thick (as evidenced by the ELEVEN strands of lights that it required).  the cheery glow is so pleasant on these grey winter days.

i took a few snaps of some of my favorite ornaments.  i think i could take a few snaps every year and not repeat myself as they're pretty much all my favorites.  i love that i have a colorful hodgepodge tree.  i began collecting ornaments in my tween years and haven't looked back.  every ball and bauble has a story.  i'm thinking i should start recording those stories before i forget.  like the fox in the top photo.  that was last year's acquisition and directly related to THAT song.  i HAD to have a fox ornament last year.  had to.  and once i saw the cracker barrel one, it was a done deal that that would be the fox i brought home.  unfortunately, i saw it at a friend's house and they were already sold out everywhere.  crying buckets i was.  but then a festivus miracle.  on new year's eve while out with friends, i found one hiding way under a tree at the cracker barrel we happened to stop at.  he was covered with dust bunnies, but brushed off easily.  i love him.  i do.

this one is from my time in guatemala where i began my armadillo collection.

all these sweet little dolls are from a miniature potted christmas tree that i bought for my grandmother when i was a kid.  i can't remember how i ended up with them, but i have adored them for a long time.  i should try to make some next year.

go seminoles!  i think my mom got me this one while i was in college.

and my mom went through a phase where she painted santas on everything.  lightbulbs, tin cans, oyster shells.  they were all way cute as you can see.

i crocheted that snowflake.  can you believe it?  obviously, this happened pre-child.

when my granny passed away, my mom and aunts were going through her things and let us (cousins) take a few ornaments.  this angel was one that i kept.

i let g pick out an ornament one christmas and this is what he chose.  obviously from the early elementary dino years.

a nod to my florida roots.  my mom didn't actually paint this one, but she definitely painted santas on starfish.

another giftie from mom.  she was good about getting me a new ornament or two to add to my collection each christmas.  this one is avon and way too cute.

and this one just melts me heart.  g "made" it for me in daycare.  look at that sweet baby face . . . (gushing ensues).