Sunday, April 26, 2015

bucket list

do you have a bucket list?  i wrote one down a few weeks ago and thought it was kinda interesting.

1. see the monarch butterflies overwintering in mexico
2. see a bluebonnet spring in texas
3. visit machu picchu
4. take my son to the smithsonian
5. go on a mission trip with my son
6. build a greenhouse in my backyard
7. see a painted bunting in the wild

that's all i can think of right now . . .


  1. I have a bucket list too, but I feel like I need to have a lot more things on it. A couple of mine are to visit all the of Civil War battlefields, attend a Cardinal World series game, see horses in the wild and lots of other historic things. There are only 14 things on my list. Isn't there supposed to be like a hundred to do over your life? Oh, yeah, wait, I'm getting old, so maybe I should leave it at 14!!

  2. I have a '40 after 40' bucket list that I'm dreaming of and clinging to like my life depends on it (there was a stage a few months back when it pretty much did). I love that your list is mostly Nature-based (many of mine are too, including seeing the giant leaves in the Amazon, seeing a sea turtle and seeing whales)......I always, but always, as a child, dreamed of going to see those giant clouds of monarchs....and one of the things on my list is taking my littles (when they're still littles) to see the Natural History Museum in NY (my son is so keen on seeing the woolly mammoth hair, it's untrue!)....NY may or may not happen this summer....(depending how hard I work between now and then and if nothing else goes wrong (a la 'smashing the savings bottle scene in UP!)'s so great to dream....[If you're ever in the market for going to Machu Picchu and I'm still where we are, and it's not *totally weird* to suggest this, we could venture down together, from here.....most of my friends who are likely to do a trip like that have already been and it's not something I want to do on my lonesome but I would *love* to 'do''d be an amazing two/three week road trip...someone I know here has driven down to Peru and said the journey was fairly safe and stunningly beautiful...]