Thursday, April 16, 2015

seasonal flower alliance: violets

i made myself a teeny tiny little violet bouquet this afternoon, put it in one of my mom's vintage vases, and placed it on a trinket i brought home from jenni bowlin's house.  it made me very happy.

then i mowed my lawn.  the dandelions must die.

joining in with the seasonal flower alliance hosted by floret flowers.  if you do not yet know of floret, you can find her here.  she is a beautiful soul who shares many beautiful flowers on her blog each week.

the seasonal flower alliance is actually more of an instagram thing.  you can find it at #seasonalfloweralliance . i am also sharing a daily flower photo on my instagram account for #the100dayproect . you can find me at @dorissander .  :)

1 comment:

  1. Your darling violets reminds me of when I was a young, newly married, beginning gardener with little money to spend on plants. I dug and relocated wild violets from the woods. They made me so happy---and spread like crazy!