Wednesday, April 15, 2015

your scrapbooking style

this is one of my all time favorite layouts and all time favorite stories. i'll be chatting about it and several more with debbie hodge at get it scrapped! tomorrow night. if you're a member (a great deal!) i hope you'll join us! these are some of the topics we'll be discussing:
  1. what's your story style, 
  2. how do your aesthetic prefs reveal themselves in your style, 
  3. what's your compositional style, 
  4. what are your masteries and frustrations and how do we see we play out in your style, and 
  5. what's your process and how does it relate to your style?
if you're not a member, you can still check out the chatroom and take the style quiz yourself. it's a good one! i found out that i'm a playful story summoner and that's pretty much spot on!  :)


  1. Hah, I'm trying to finish a massive piece of's late, I really should go to bed so I can get up fresh and start the day with aplomb tomorrow but Bloglovin called my name and - obviously - I had to click through and do the quiz (even if I did feel like I was 13 all over again and getting all excited about quizzes in my girly magazines!)......I'm an Artful Storyteller.....also very accurate! Love your LO!!!!

  2. I can really see the playfulness in your page - you always have lots of interesting bits. That looks like an iintriguing quiz (I couldn't get the big red button to appear when I tried!) but I suspect I'm classic. Period!