Thursday, April 30, 2015

hdygg: 50mm macro lens

to make a long story short, i asked to borrow a 50mm lens to do a senior portrait photoshoot and came home with that lens AND a 50mm macro.  a MACRO!  oh happy day!

we all know how desperately i've been wanting one of these babies to play with.  i hope sherri realizes that she's not getting it back till after zinnia season is over.

the blueberries!  oh my!  not sure when they'll be done, but it's been fun watching them grow and develop.

i have five different varieties.  loved the intense color of the buds on this one.

that's my index finger there showing you how tiny these blossoms are.

these are almost as small.  i never knew how seussical they were.  love being able to really see things with this lens.

in my yard.

love how the lens brings out the pompom quality of these.

another tiny one.

the iris up close and personal.


i experimented taking a few regular shots and figured out i'd be better off with a regular lens for those.

and there's definitely a learning curve with the macros. 

can't wait practice again.  hopefully, this weekend.

seriously, i never saw the spider webs until i used the lens.

these grass shots are actually my favorites of this group.

i'm loving bringing out the light and color in the background of these shots.

the geometric balance of these was delightful.

pretty blues.

stunning whites.

joining with mammasuarus and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. A macro lens is one of the things on my wishlist - and after seeing your photos I want one even more :) Those purple blossoms are TINY!

  2. Beautiful shots - I'd love to get a macro lens at some point!

  3. Stunning close-ups. I think I need to treat myself to a new lens ;) #HDYGG

  4. Ooo I love these shots - and macro lenses. I did have one for my previous camera but not the one I currently have - something to ask Santa for this year I think! The bee and the teeny purple flowers are my faves - they are so small!
    Thanks for joining in and sharing again Doris - lovely set of photos x

  5. I am so in love with macro, I do a lot myself just to see the results! Always fascinating to see!

  6. Great shots - hopefully your blueberry harvest will be plentiful and not take too much longer! #hdygg

  7. These shots are beautiful! I've got a 60mm macro lens and also a 50mm normal lens and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the latter. Every time I try and photograph *anything* with it, it always end up blurry and horrible. And I love my macro a lot, but I find it quite difficult getting the right things in focus. Must practice more -- your shots are so beautiful!

  8. Really gorgeous! I have a macro lens but have a terrible time taking photos outside with it as even the slightest breeze moves everything out of focus. Do you use a tripod?