Thursday, April 16, 2015

hdygg: cedars of lebanon state park

we stopped in at cedars of lebanon state park on saturday to check out the spring flowers before running over to the flea market across the street for our mexiven food truck fix.

i had never seen these before and was fascinated.  i don't even know what to call them.  they look like little baby trees with a big blossom on top.

cool, yes?

these were fun too.  very seussical.  and again, they look like baby trees, but i think they're just spring plants.  more fascinating.

violets will never go out of style.

this one is looking straight up a cliff face.  in retrospect, i should have taken a picture of the cliff for perspective.  next time.

this state park is a conglomeration of farms that were reclaimed during the great depression as part of the works progress administration.  there are remnants of the old farms here and there.

this is my current favorite wildflower.  i have one in my flower bed that is blooming its little heart out right now.  i think it is a bumblebee favorite as well.  :)

so peaceful.

this was my trip for odd plants.  these grasses caught my eye as we were walking back.

g found this little mushroom family for me.  he knows what i like.

we checked behind the ranger station one more time as g thought he could find me a lizard.  instead he found me a big black snake.  really big.

we'll have to visit again in a few weeks.  i need my hummingbird moth fix.

joining with annie and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. The mushroom family is just wonderful, so fun.
    Lebanon park looks amazing, the photo of the bridge is so peaceful and inviting

  2. the baby trees are fantastic, did you find out what they are?

  3. I love walking in the woods and forests. I am a little wary of the snake though :)

  4. What a wonderful spot - and what odd plants! Odd is good though. I love the mushroom group hug :)