Sunday, April 26, 2015

celebrating 60 years together

shirley and elmo aka grandma and papa aka great grandma and great grandpa had their 60th wedding anniversary on april first of this year and the family all gathered to help them celebrate.

our oldest and youngest.

the big boys took it upon themselves to hide the eggs this year.

they took their job very seriously.

little miss sunshine with her grandaddy and deanna.

found one!  (and look at that amazing muscle control in the ham hocks).

the pretty girls and little brother are ready!

i used to be so careful to zoom in on the main event.  now i almost get a bigger kick out of photographing the peanut gallery.

g was finally brave enough to let a lizard bite him, but only on the finger.  he's not into lizard earrings yet.

curly isn't either.

you CAN ride in my little red wagon!

happy trails!  :)

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  1. 60 years! That's an accomplishment! It looks like you all had a beautiful day!