Monday, January 12, 2015

cocoa daisy: day in the life card layers

if you are into scrapbooking at all, you've heart of the project life fad and have mostly likely been sucked down the journaling card hole.  they're so pretty, i really can't help myself, but the things sure pile up on me.  sometimes, i feel like my son in his pokemon card collecting phase of last year.  let's use those things up, shall we?

product:  this layout was created with my january cocoa daisy kits, heavy emphasis on the day in the life kit.  i used like ten of those little cards!  woot!  the page is HEAVY.  as i layered each little stack (each one has about five cards plus the background square) i stapled it all together and then stapled it directly to my background cardstock, only putting the top card/photo on with adhesive.  i just figured it would all hold together better that way.

i also decided to go ahead and use the mask from the main kit as a design element on the page since i'd already used it as a mask three times before.

story:  my (then) ten year old fell asleep in the backseat of the car again.  you can tell this amuses me greatly.  do you think he'll still be doing it when he's fifteen?

photo: a selfie, including my sleeping photobomber, taken with my iphone 5s.

design: a grid, of course!

and i also love, love love all the words.  they're like confetti on the page.  words everywhere you look.  i love words.

technique:  look at product packaging before you throw it away.  the little yellow bit peeking out on the far right is a packaging sticker.  i also used a glassine envelope and some of the tissue paper in my layering.

look for ways to customize pre-made cards.  on the bottom right here i add embroidery floss to the cross-stitches already printed on the card.  it adds a lovely touch of texture and makes that area pop.


  1. This is a great idea for using up these cards, especially when kit clubs tend to make many of the cards fit a theme each month. I'll have to take a look at my kits from last year and see if any ideas pop to mind. Great fun page, Doris.

  2. love this Doris! and YES he'll definitely be doing it when he's 15! ha!

  3. I'm dying here. All those layers -- LOVE!

  4. Great idea for using up those cards. I have a shoebox full! I've done PL on a monthly basis for two years. I do not plan to do it this year, so I have a lot of cards leftover! So glad to have a plan now!