Thursday, January 22, 2015

roadside attractions: bucket list

we caught a couple days of freak 60 degree weather last weekend and i made sure we got out and enjoyed it.  the sun's rays were so nice to warm these chilled bones.

looking at this picture of my son playing in the water in his shorts, it almost looks like summer.

we discovered a new creek to explore.  g's anxious to go back once it warms up for good to see if there are any more creatures that come out to play.


bridge over cold water.

 g found these teeny tiny succulents.  it looked like a little fairy world.

nature bares her soul in winter.

 gold on blue.  g even recognized this was a gorgeous shot.  i'm training him well.

capturing sunlight.






fuchsia cascade.

sunflares on roadkill.  is this poetic or just morbid?

we found a break in the fence line and were able to take a hike up the cliffs on the side of the interstate spur by our house.  does anyone else have crazy things on their bucket list like stopping on the side of the road and walking off into nowhere?

i am anxious to go back and photograph these beauties in bloom.

our school off in the distance at sunset.

we made it to the top!

 my favorite smile in the whole wide world.  on top of the world.

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  1. Awww what a lovely weather and the plants are stunning too. Thanks for sharing this trip, looks so much fun =) #hdygg

  2. love little adventures like this. i adore your photos doris and adore how you and g enjoy nature together!

  3. So nice to see all that sunshine! Exploring nature with the kids is always more fun isn't it? Lovely photos :)

  4. Love that you managed to find a veritable rainbow of colours even in winter. And, yes, I do have a ton of crazy stuff on my bucket list, too ;)

  5. Love the mossiness of that first shot #hdygg

  6. What wonderful light you have captured ... and such warmth too. You have reminded me to go and look in out little pond to see if anything is stirring up there. #HDYGG

  7. Such lovely photos Doris - I love the gold on blue and the teeny weeny succulents especially! I have such a childish imagination sometime and love nothing more than imagining little fairies living in the woods!
    Thanks so much for joining in again x