Sunday, January 4, 2015

menu plan: we love red lobster

saturday was a stay in bed till noon, use aunt theresa's red lobster gift card, finally buy groceries kind of day.  sunday there is a scheduled face-off between the me who wants to chew on the to do list so we'll be ready to go back to school and the me who wants to suck the very marrow out of the last day of christmas vacation.  monday is judgement day.  without a doubt, a menu plan is in order to help control this chaos.

g was composing a recipe for making lobster pizza while we were dining out today.  how awesome is that?  i've raised him well, but i think we should wait on that gourmet cooking extravaganza till the basil-in-a-bag that he got for christmas is growing strong and i have fresh tomatoes on the back deck. ah, spring.  enough ramblings.  we still have winter to get through.

this week's menu plan:
sunday - poppyseed chicken, salad, crescent rolls
monday - crockpot carnitas, carrots
tuesday - leftovers
wednesday - church
thursday - homemade(ish) pizza
friday - steak, salad, corn on the cob
saturday - open

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  1. Oh, menu planning....I will be back to you all too soon :( !!! DID get some shots of the weaver birds, that are semi-OK, so will send them over (never know if you see my replies to your comments on my blog?)