Saturday, January 10, 2015

quality literature: voyage of the jerle shannara trilogy

i was two books shy of my 52 books in 2014 goal and only 3 days left to go.  i knew i needed a good series to reel me in, keep me focused, and take me to the finish line by new year's eve.  i reached for another trilogy in the terry brooks shannara series, the voyage of the jerle shannara.  i am impressed that he can use the same fantasy world and the same recipe of characters and still keep it interesting.  i enjoyed these three as much as the previous ones of his that i've read.  and now after finishing the third, i'm a book into my 52 books in 2015 goal.  long live bookworms!  :)


  1. Oh, a book a week: what a great target! I read one last week but loved it so much I'm having difficulty starting a new one.....

  2. congratulations on reaching your goal - I love a good fantasy world and have not come across this one so will put it on my list, thanks

  3. I am a bibliophile too! I read 42 books this year---that's what I love about my Kindle---an easy way to keep track. My problem is that I have too many hobbies and not enough free time. Although I do not consider reading a hobby---more of a necessity in my life. I cannot go a day without reading!