Thursday, January 22, 2015

cocoa daisy: february sneaks!

it's my first official month with the cocoa daisy team.  you must know that these february kits are amazing and i truly am "in love" with journal entry.  i got my box last wednesday and was giddy looking through it.  it was hard to contain my inspiration till friday night when i finally had time to create.  i got three layouts, ones i'm "in love" with, plus a project life page done last weekend.  but you know, these kits are so fabulous that i've had to make a (long) list of all the things i want to create with them.  stay tuned!  and head over to the cocoa daisy forum for more sneak peeks from the other brilliant designers on the team!

1 comment:

  1. Love the look of this kit......repeat to self, Helen: "I have about a million pieces of PP and need *no more*" the little bee in the last photo....and the fact that he looks like he's about to grab that yellow pollen...he's *too cute*!! Can't wait to see your LOs/spreads in their full glory...