Tuesday, January 27, 2015

valentine's day inspiration from the archives

valentine's day is fast approaching!  it is actually one of my favorite holidays.  it's just so nice to do sweet little things for other people.  plus, it's a great excuse to give yourself chocolate and flowers.

i'm needing to get busy on the valentine's front.  i have plans to make an addition to my mantel decorations, join in a postcard exchange, and make the best classroom valentine's ever (g's in the 5th grade, so this is probably my last hurrah).

here is a bit of inspiration from last year to get us all motivated.  this first one is a sample of g's class valentine's.  i've been working through his collection of little plastic animals for the past few years.  i think this year is supposed to be ugly bugs.  i have already done these lizards, dinosaurs, and ocean animals (all of which can be seen in the link above).

a sweet little heart garland that i crocheted for last year's mantel.  it's already up decorating my new vintage map this year (my 2014 valentine mantel can be seen in this post as well).

a valentine page i made for my baby last year.

and the february pages in my holiday mini album.

how about you?  any valentine crafting plans in your near future?

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