Monday, January 26, 2015

quality literature: out of the easy

out of the easy is by the same author as between shades of gray.  it was equally as amazing, if not more so.  i am anxiously awaiting word of a new release from ruta sepetys.  so far, she is that good.

the books are completely different, except for the outstanding and strong female protagonist.  this one is set in the french quarter of new orleans in the 1950's.  the main character, josie, is the daughter of a brothel prostitute who has no mothering skills.  josie ends up more or less raising herself with the help of the brothel madam and the owner of a used book store who semi-adopts her.  it is a fabulous read.  i remember waking up the morning after and feeling a little emptiness because i was no longer a part of josie's world.  i had become that attached to her.

genre: (psuedo) historical fiction, chick lit
setting: 1950's new orleans french quarter
reading level: adult, high school

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