Wednesday, January 7, 2015

good blog reads

greetings!  i got so excited about our snow day that i immersed myself in laziness and almost forgot to blog!  there isn't actually any snow in the forecast, but we're dropping down to 4 degrees (with a horrific windchill factor added to it) here in the southland tonight and we hothouse flowers just can't take it.  g and i are gleefully burning the yuletide log that we got on 70% clearance after christmas, enjoying our twinkling holiday lights (what? yours aren't still up?), and getting cozy with our favorite internet entertainments.  and speaking of internet entertainments, here are a few new ones i have to share with you all:

scrapbooking -

gardening -

journaling -

positivity -

sewing -

elsie's new(ish) blog -

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  1. I'm kind of missing my fairy lights already and I only took them down this morning ;) My thought patterns were: oh my, she has a snow day *already*, didn't school just start; oh my, Elsie has a *new blog*! ("Eek"!!!!); and did I miss *me* *ON THE LIST*....heavens above.....I'm honoured. Thank you ;) Off to check out said internet entertainments.....enjoy your twinkly lights! (showing off because yours are still up, hey? And rubbing our noses in it talking about burning yuletide logs, hey????!!!! LOL!!!!)