Wednesday, January 21, 2015

quality literature: the weight of silence

i got this one from the librarian at the elementary school.  it was on her desk and i simply can't resist asking about books.  someone had given it to her, and since she didn't think she'd have time to read it any time soon, she passed it along to me.  it was really good.  it's written in a style i enjoy.  the chapters are all titled simply with a character's name and then told from his or her perspective.  i'm sure you can glean from the title that it's not light, fluffy fiction.  the topics are abuse, violence, and murder, but also the deep bonds of friendship, familial love, and new beginnings.  i passed it along to the middle sister as i know she likes this genre (and in the interest of being an equal opportunity bookworm sibling, i am saving this one for the older sister).

genre: crime/mystery, chick lit
setting: small town/country, midwest (us)
reading level: adult

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  1. I saw your post about this book last week and had never heard of it, then this week at a local flea market there is was on a table for 50 cents so I picked it up and began reading it today on my lunch hour. I am not a big reader and sometimes it takes seeing someone post about a book before I take the time to read it. I am about 40ish pages in and I am so glad you posted about this on your blog, it has my attention for sure. Thanks!!!