Monday, January 26, 2015

cocoa daisy: scrap room tour

i made big plans on january 1st to get my whole house (including my car, computer, and shed) cleaned, tidied, and purged this month.  i started out strong, but seem to be peetering out.  oops.  at least the craft room is done, right?  i have a full tour up on the cocoa daisy blog today.  you can see it HERE

this is a bonus shot just for you though.  i finally found a semi-permanent (hello, the thing has wheels) place for my raskog cart.  now what the heck do i put in it?  what do you store in yours?  i know a lot of you put mixed media  stuff in it, but i've already got that housed nicely in other places.  i did just move most of my stamps to the bottom spot.  i want to use them more this year and though having them out in the open might help.  this freed up the mesh bin you see just to the right.  my washi tape was overflowing the basket i had them in, so i moved them into the container that my stamps were in.  i worried that this wouldn't be a convenient spot, but turns out it is.  i moved it to where it is from the far right side of the shelf and it's made all the difference.  i can reach them from my chair there and grab them all the time.  they are actually more convenient now.

on the middle shelf i've put all my freckled fawn kits.  i haven't been using those either, so i've gone through them, broken the kits up, and reorganized them according to type of product.  also, i have all the stamp sets out front and center.  must stamp more!

the top is currently just a catchall spot.  we all need one of those, right?

and here is my little buddy playing legos in his favorite spot in my craft room.  our craft room, actually.  this is our most used spot in the house.  when we are awake, i would say we hang out in here 75% of the time.  together.  so sweet.  

and also, how sweet is it that he's so into his legos again.  this comes and goes with him and i'm sad every time it goes, worrying that he's done with kid toys.  but then they come back again and i'm happy once more.  this time, they've come back full force!  he's currently working on the entire set of bikini bottom!  love it!


  1. We also have a spot in the house (also the craft place) where we spend most of our time......totally get where you're coming from when you rejoice in his playing LEGO again!

  2. I'll go check out your whole room for sure. I see your little bags of Freckled Fawn kits there - I was wondering if most people leave them in their bags or put them into stash and use the cute bags for something else. I only have one, so I couldn't use the bags to resort them by type, but it is a good idea!