Tuesday, January 6, 2015

cocoa daisy: day planner

i had to go back to school yesterday after a two week break.  vacations are good, but routine's make me productive.  i spend a few minutes sunday getting my day planner in shape and ready for the new year.  it had taken a little break in december too.  ahem.

i am still loving my cheapie binder that i got for $6.49 at staples.  it was so fun to swap out the december cover page for a january themed one.  i used my january cocoa daisy day in the life kit plus a little washi from my stash for it.  don't you love the exclusive vellum pieces?  i especially like the layering with the patterned paper peeking through the vellum and washi.  so good.

i also made a little january divider page.  the theme for it is "working for the weekend."  ha!

i added that little punched circle on the side because i kept grabbing there to turn the page and this circle tab makes that much easier.  i pop dotted the lol sticker on the flip side to make it even easier to grab.

and my favorite part is that little creatures notepad.  adorable, right?  and clever!!!  you see, i didn't want to put it in the pocket because then it would lay behind my planner pages and the lumpies would not make for a smooth writing surface.  i have been trying to come up with some way to adhere it right where it is.  magnets?  velcro?  adhesive (ew!)?  i don't know why it took me so long to think of something so simple.  a binder clip was sitting on my desk and i had a lightbulb moment.  finally!  i just clipped it on about midway through the pad.  it is perfect!  yep.  i'm going to be so organized and get so much done this week.  ;)

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