Sunday, January 11, 2015

menu plan: poppyseed chicken

this is straight up comfort food.  poppyseed chicken.  omg.  so good.  i can only cook it when i'm having company, however, as it's not g's favorite so he won't eat the leftovers.  i can't eat all those leftovers myself!  comfort food is fattening!  and especially so as i usually use the boil in a bag white rice.  lame, i know, but i can't cook rice for beans.  not that i ever cook beans.  well, green beans i do.

anyhoo.  it's really easy.  just boil a bag of flash frozen chicken breasts with a small diced onion and some salt.  when it's done, dice the chicken and put it in a casserole dish with a mix of three cans of "cream of" condensed soup (your choice!  mostly i use 2 cream of chicken and one cream of mushroom) and a tub of sour cream.  poppyseeds are optional, but they are in the title.  bake till it bubbles.  add a sleeve of crushed ritz crackers mixed with a quarter cup of melted butter about five minutes before you pull it from the oven.  serve over rice and with green beans.  yum!

this week's menu plan:
sunday -something grilled
monday - spaghetti
tuesday - leftovers
wednesday - church
thursday - tortilla soup
friday - big breakfast for dinner
saturday - tbd

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  1. Oh, sounds delicious! [Did you get the photos I sent over to you - weaver birds?]