Saturday, January 3, 2015

crochet: granny square potholders

last year about this time i was completely stoked about a 52 week granny square project that i'd heard about.  i had collected cotton yarn in all the colors of the rainbow and my pink metallic E hook was ready.  i was a crocheting machine through january and february, then basketball season was done and so was i.  i made a half-hearted attempt to catch up in late spring, but meh.  i was then, of course, left with a pile of grannies without a purpose taunting me for the rest of the year.  by december first when i was wanting to get all my loose ends from 2014 tied up, they were really giving my ocd tendencies fits every time i saw them. i finally had a moment of yarn lucidity right after christmas.  i would make a doll blanket for one of my nieces with the bulk of them and potholders with the ones whose color palettes didn't quite blend with the rest.

i finally knocked the potholders out yesterday.  since the granny squares were already done and i wasn't bothering tying up the literal loose ends, they came together really quickly.  i just double crocheted around the edges of each set of matching squares and added a little loopy on one side.  (this one is in my college colors - i still love my seminoles!).  they turned out so kitschy cute!

i tried to be creative with my project photos a la kate ulman of foxs lane.  i have quite a bit of work to do in that department.  this pic is my favorite, though.  how adorable is the photobombing kitty and his shadow tea towel peeking around the potholder in my kitchen linen drawer?  (this one is in my morning high school's colors - i'm not teaching there anymore, so i'm going to gift it to a coworker).   

i was thinking today that i want to try to cook paella this year.  wouldn't that be lovely in my cast iron skillet?  (this one is my afternoon, current, high school and the one that g will go to).

so what did i learn from my 2014 goal setting?  obviously, i like instant gratification, at least in my crafting.  or maybe when i'm as old as my grandma was when she crocheted afghans and sewed quilts non-stop, then i'll have the time and inclination to do the same.  for now, i'm sticking to short term crafty goals.  yep.


  1. Oh no, don't tell me that!! Just as I've embarked on making 3---granny square Christmas tree skirts for my daughters for next Christmas. So far I have about a million of the little beginning squares! Since I need 60 squares for each, maybe I should set my goal for one instead of three. But then, who to give it to??? Should I just quit right now?