Thursday, January 15, 2015

free printables: kindergarten worksheets

so, i mentioned earlier this year that i'm teaching at the elementary level once again.  it's been, i don't know, seven or eight years since i've spent time with the young ones and i'm a bit rusty.  my kindergarten girls are the ones who really keep me hopping.  they are demanding little things and are happiest when i have "my little pony" or "frozen" characters decorating my worksheets.  yep, i'm whipped.  i've been giving my publishing skillz a workout lately as well.  they, too, are a bit rusty. 

i thought i would share the few worksheets i've made so far in case any of you have little ones at home that might like them.  you can find them HERE.

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  1. Are my little ponies still around? Or have you introduced a whole new generation to them? I still have my daughter's collection and she just turned 30. Sheesh, I might be getting old. I said "might!"