Sunday, January 25, 2015

the b&w photography project: first timer

these photos were also taken on our interstate hike.  i had been toying with the idea of joining in on the b&w photography project at the podcast for quite some time now, but never gotten around to it.  while i was going through my pictures from the hike, i had a good 40+ that i liked and decided it was a good time to finally dabble with converting some to black and white.  i've never really done black and white for the artistic element.  mostly it's just been for poor quality or noisy photos with the occasional one for "emotional impact" on a scrapbook page.  this was an eye-opening experience.

there is a nice write up of black and white photography tips at the podcast and two of those really stood out to me.  one is the idea that you have to begin seeing the world in black and white.  i think i am very much color driven, so this will be something to really focus on.  the second tip that practically made my head spin was that overcast days can be good for black and white photos.  i am very much into lighting in my photography.  finding out that i can pursue interesting photos in flat lighting is mind blowing.  this could be the answer to my winter photography blues!

wasp's nest.

as i was choosing which to convert to black and white, i mostly ignored the ones i had chosen for a specific color quality.  that was a no brainer to me.  the part that surprised me was that 90% of the ones that i had taken because of lighting conditions, didn't show well in black and white.  wow!

i'm really quite excited to explore this aspect of photography more.  it's fascinating!

g trying to make it through the fence gap on his own.

finally he needed a helping hand from his mama.

i'm curious.  do you have a favorite out of these?  there are several that i like for various reasons . . .

bird nest.

here is something else to analyze.  this portrait i thought was so striking in black and white and the one in the previous post was taken just a few seconds prior and lost something when i tried converting it to black and white.  like i said earlier . . . fascinating!

joining in with the b&w photography project on podcast.


  1. Interesting! I love the first one and the cloud one!

  2. This is only my 2nd time of joining in. The trees and clouds look particularly good 😃

  3. I love the flags that seem to be in the middle of nowhere. The background seems so wild and untouched and the flags are just the opposite. Love the juxtaposition. TFS

  4. Okay, these picture are incredibly gorgeous!