Sunday, January 1, 2012

craft: crocheted lamb

another new year aim for me is to make a non-paper craft each month. now i am not super crafter throwing this little lamb together in a day. i actually started it back in march of 2010. i had gotten the crocheting all done and the sweet face put on. i really just needed to attach the legs and add the collar. don't even ask me why i didn't just finish already. g has asked me that very question more times than i care to recall. my friend chelle was over last week knitting which totally gave me the urge to bust out my crochet bag. so glad i did. little lamb is a delight. he makes me happy every time i look at him. i burst into song, "shaun the sheep! mmm mmm mmm shaun the sheep! and yes. we totally had to get out our videos. i texted him to my sister and now she wants one. g says she can have this one if i promise to make him another. i think he needs his own little shaun, don't you? baaaaaaaaaaaaa!

i wish i had a pattern to share with you, but i just kinda made him. like sculpting with yarn. i actually did that a lot as a little girl. my mom says i would beg her to teach me to crochet. she would try. it wouldn't take. we'd both get frustrated. i'd cry. eventually i just figured it out and started making little creatures like this. next time i go home i should photograph the ones my mom still has.

supplies (all from joann's):
sensations angel hair yarn - white
sensations angel hair yarn - black
darice metallic beads - round assorted bright
pink emroidery floss
black embroidery floss
vintage bell
vintage buttons
size D crochet hook
plastic needle

the head and body (including the ears and tail) is one continuous piece. the four legs are crocheted separately and stitched on. when i make g's i'll try to remember a little more. :)


  1. and you are on one amazing posting spree !

  2. he i just darling!!! i took a crocheting class last summer and loved it . so if you do another i would love the pattern. i love him! no pressure though. just if you happen to write down your stitches.

  3. Shaun the Sheep?! I love it -- and I LOVE your new blog. I need to start pestering Betsy, methinks.