Tuesday, January 31, 2012

quality literature: catching fire and mockingjay

these consumed me.  i blazed through them in a couple days.  and this is why i don't read much anymore.  i tend to check out from reality when i check in to a good book.  at my current stage in life, this isn't really a good thing.  always too much on the to do list.  oh the irony that one of the reasons my blog has been neglected is because of one of my monthly blogging goals.  la.  maybe this goal should have been a summer project.  oh well.  too late now.  i already started eragon and there are four of those . . .

the other reason my blog has been neglected is cha.  the big craft and hobby association show.  more on that soon!

oh! and many thanks for all the lovely book comments so far.  i have a great admiration for fellow readers.  hope to return some comments soon, but as you can well imagine, my inbox is in a sad state of affairs as well.

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