Monday, January 2, 2012

notes on blogger

first off. HUGE thanks to my dear friend betsy sammarco for all her help with the blog redesign! thank you thank you thank you! i'm enjoying my cozy new blogging home so very much.

i wasn't going to bother saying anything about why i moved as that seems like a boring topic. but then i thought about how many times i've looked at pretty blogs and wondered. i still wonder. how did she do that? i don't have many answers about other blogs, but i may be able to shed a little light on some things i've done on my blog. so here goes . . .

why i moved from typepad to blogger:
1. i wanted a fresh start
2. i needed to do some major renovations on my sidebars. this is somewhat difficult to do in typepad. i have to google it every time. i simply cannot remember how on my own brainwaves. in blogger it's a few sweet handily labeled buttons to push. i do realize that typepad is probably better if you're wanting to do fancy things and know a little html coding. i, however, have a limited amount of time and capacity for learning new things and html coding is not high on my list right now. i like the simplicity of blogger.
3. blogger is free (typepad is just cheap - i mean that it's inexpensive not bad).
4. i was getting some spam on typepad. didn't think that was cool for a paid gig.

things i did vs. things betsy did:
1. betsy created my banner and background pattern.
2. betsy created my social icons and their coding.
3. i basically did everything else. blogging is easy and fun! you can give it a try for free right here.

things still left to do:
1. if you loved reading my blog rolls as much as i did, never fear! i will be reinstalling them soon. you're going to love them even more now as a super cool feature in blogger is the way they are displayed by most recent post. love that.
2. there are no links for my classes yet. hope to get that figured out this week as well.

a word on photos:
1. the normal looking photos are from my digital rebel and edited in photoshop elements.
2. the vintage looking photos are shot with my cell phone and edited in an android app called picplz. i'm using the effect called cross process.

hmmm. i think that's it. if you have questions about starting blogging i'd be happy to try to answer them. :)

a note on the photo: we took this picture on our walk on the greenway last evening. g says the cloud looks like a dragon with a scorpion tale and fire spewing from its mouth. i don't quite see that, but i thought it had a gorgeous orange glow. g says he is into dragons now.


  1. Congrats on the new blog :) It looks great!

  2. You are one awesome blogger! But really - I was just the robot tech person behind your vision. I just did what you pictured in your head.