Sunday, January 15, 2012

menu plan 3: shishkabobs

epic fail on the photography.  i just couldn't think of a plate that it would look nice on and i was starving since we didn't get our act together and head to the grocery till 1:00 which means we didn't eat lunch till 3:00.  how about ice cream cones for dinner?  sounds like a plan to me!  but back to the shishkabobs.  the photo might not be the best, but these were awesome!  i used the leftover tequila lime marinade from last week's fiesta lime chicken (trying to think this whole menu plan thing through and actually use stuff before it goes south).  skewered the marinated beef along with grape tomatoes, vidalia onions, pineapple, and mushrooms.  it was delicious.  the only slight issue was the onions were still a little crunchy and i don't particularly care for crunchy onions.  any suggestions for getting those done at the same time as the rest?

another tip.  instead of butter try fresh lime and sea salt on corn-on-the-cob.  i picked up that trick in honduras.  it tastes practically the same but none of the calories. 

this week's menu plan.  i was disappointed to spend over $100 again on groceries this week.  i even got back to the coupon scene and saved $25.  oh well.  maybe it's because g and i are trying to take our lunch to school too.  better luck next week.


  1. oh Doris your food looks so yummy. It is so expensive to try to eat healthy. I have enjoyed your menu posts. I've been taking some things off of it for our dinners too. It is good to get some new ideas. I don't like crunchy onions either and I don't know the secret to getting them done unless you could cook them some before putting them on the skewers. I'll keep an eye on this post to see if anyone gives you a suggestion.

    Have a great week....

  2. i would saute them a little before putting them on...or if you see they aren't done, take them off and saute afterwards... looks delish! $100 isn't bad if you aren't eating out to go with it and it includes lunches during the week! plus some of it will go further for you as the weeks go. like when you buy things like the marinade, ketchup, syrup etc. they last awhile.
    i am trying to menu plan for this week. trying to eat out less the far doing pretty good.