Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ten on the tenth!

every month i wanted to do shimelle's ten on the tenth, but i think i never managed.  i was so excited to see this morning that she's doing it again this year.  hooray!  i am determined to get involved even though i'm already up an hour past my bedtime.  oh well.  i guess tomorrow won't be the day i give up coke.

so.  ten on the tenth is just that.  post any ten things on the tenth of the month.  then shimelle has links so you can see what other collections of ten that fun people have come up with.  i like it.  i'm doing it.  here goes.

as i mentioned earlier this month, i'm on a mission to mars.  or rather, i've got some new year's aims to keep me motivated this year and i'm blogging them to keep me accountable.  how serendipitous to count them this afternoon and find that there are exactly ten.  i haven't posted all ten yet, but they're coming.

7. hikes
8. 5ks
9. mini-albums
10. quality literature

not even mid-month yet and i'm past midway through with getting started.  i'm off and running this year!

oh! and the picture.  g and a couple of his little friends on the last playdate of christmas vacation.  he was pretending to be a camel and made a bridle and bit out of a straw and string.  fun times always.

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  1. This is so funny -- we both did 10 on the 10th posts!