Sunday, January 22, 2012

menu plan 4: homemade pizza

i told you i'm no gourmet.  here we go.  "homemade" pizza.  prefab crust a la mama mary.  sauce a la prego (ground beef added and lookie there we're having spaghetti tomorrow. coincidence? i think not.).  i don't like veggie pizza out in public as it tends to have onion and pepper on it.  i like that stuff in mexican dishes, but not on my pizza.  this pizza is loaded with veggies though and i love it.  artichoke hearts, black olives, mushrooms, and tomato slices.  mmm.  and yes!  i'm using the fresh mushrooms and tomatoes from last week's shishkabobs.  waste not want not.  (well, i do still want based on the twitter convo going on tonight, but that's another story).  mexican blend shredded cheese.  i do like mexican cheese on my italian pizza apparently.  again.  mmmmmmm.

so now my burning question for you.  what the heck am i going to do with the rest of the grape tomatoes?  i've used them twice now.  i'm sure you're screaming "salad!" especially after glancing at this week's menu plan below.  problem is i don't like raw tomatoes.  i've tried.  can't train my tongue to enjoy that.  but i do love them cooked.  suggestions???


  1. That looks sooooo yum. And I totally hear ya! I can't eat raw tomatoes, either. Only if they're straight from the garden and super ripe! lol I usually cut them in half and toss them into chili or spaghetti or anything that has a tomato sauce.

  2. Last week I had a lot of veggies and grape tomatoes left over from stir fry, salads, etc. I put them all in a 400 oven and roasted them till the tomatoes burst. We ate them as a side dish, as s soup with broth added and on pizza.