Saturday, June 13, 2015

cedars of lebanon state park: milkweed

next year i want to plant all the milkweed in my yard, so i can have all the butterflies, bees, froggies, and cool bugs.

so far, i have noticed three varieties of milkweed growing in the mid-state area.  i had not noticed the one above before, but now i see it everywhere.  it grows taller than people!  so awesome!

this one i have seen for the last few years in early summer and there is a similar pink variety that grows in late summer.  i remember seeing this orange one a few times in florida as a kid.

i have the hardest time photographing the black swallowtails.  they are such busy butterflies!

froggy on the milkweed.

bee on the milkweed.

butterfly on the milkweed.  and i have since found out that this cool bug is a milkweed beetle, also on the milkweed.  :)

i have learned to take a quick "junk shot" of living creatures before i try to compose the "perfect shot" as living creatures don't always make the best subjects.  this was the only snap i got off before this guy flew away.  sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

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