Thursday, June 25, 2015

summer vacation wrap up: week three

well, last week started out well.  we saw Jurassic world on Sunday (AMAZING!!! - two thumbs WAY up!!!!).  we went and swam in Barbara's pool and checked out her lovely garden, g scored a sleepover and I went bowling with friends.  Wednesday we took a relaxing lazy day at home to recover from our escapades, knowing that Chelle and crew were coming over the next day to entertain us.  then Friday I lost my beloved iPhone.  sad face.  I think I left it on the trunk of my car as we went driving off into the sunset (headed toward the golden arches.  I spent the rest of that day and half the next walking and driving up and down our country roads looking for it.  no luck.   I currently am in iPhone purgatory which will explain my (mostly) absence from Instagram and Facebook.  needless to say, I was in a deep, deep funk for the rest of Friday and all of Saturday.  I finally managed to shake it off Sunday and get my scrap on.  whew.  on to week four . . .

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