Tuesday, June 16, 2015

summer vacation wrap-up: week two

another week of summer is in the books.

g had a great time at boy scout residence camp.  he passed his bsa swim test, slept in a hammock, bathed three times which is two times more than he brushed his teeth, went commando all week because apparently it was too hot for layers, thoroughly enjoyed the ghost stories about parnell, an abandoned campsite at boxwell (our local boy scout reservation), enjoyed the chow hall, especially seconds and the all you can eat peanut butter sandwich buffet, and came home enthusiastic about making rank and earning more merit badges at winter camp.

i was not a complete slug while he was gone.  i didn't speak to anyone at all monday which did my hermit heart good, went on two flower photo walks, visited cedars of lebanon state park and radnor lake nature preserve (a new to me park visit!), cleaned the fridge, microwave, and stove (first time ever cleaning a stove!), visited g at camp twice, had dinner out with friends, and then went to pizza hut with friends when g got home so he could tell his friend what to expect at camp when he went (this week).

my front porch birdies left the nest the day before g came home from camp.  we watched the parents feed their babies on the power lines above our driveway the next day and then the next they were gone, gone.  i think there are some poetic thoughts on life in there somewhere . . .

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  1. Sounds like you both had a great week! Keep an eye out for the young birds around your neighborhood. I know that fledgling robins, at least, stay in the area for a couple of weeks :D