Monday, June 8, 2015

summer vacation wrap-up: week one

summer is my absolute favorite.  not only is it finally hot, but i am also (mostly) off school for a solid eight weeks.  i am determined not to waste a single moment of summer bliss this year.

in our first week:
g had two sleepovers
we went to the lake with friends twice
we participated in national donut day
we went to the creek twice
we went to a bbq/dance party
i went out to dinner with a friend sans children
we had a scrappy/minecraft playdate
i recorded five planner videos
i went on two flower photo walks
i cleaned the fridge
i packed g up and dropped him off at boy scout camp
i went to cedars of lebanon state park

i'm kinda impressed with myself.  this week will be much more challenging, at least for me.  i know g's going to have a blast at camp, but chances are i will enter the hermit zone without him here to motivate me.  i'm planning my little heart out today in hopes that if i write it down i'll actually do it (the reality is i'm currently hosting a personal challenge to see if i can go a whole day without speaking to anyone and without changing out of my pajamas. so far so good.).

i originally created the photo collage here for the 1+4=life link up at meet me at mikes, but it appears she hasn't done it for the last couple weeks.  i hope she continues.  it's a cute idea in which you share four photos that sum up your life in that week.

mine are:
1. celebrating national donut day with friends (and uncle greg via facebook and a coke)
2. planning out my week and recording my memories in my cocoa daisy day planner
3. majorly skinning my knee at the creek, super proud of that one (don't even think i'm joking)
4. enjoying an adult beverage at a friend's bbq and remembering how much fun it is to dance

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