Tuesday, June 30, 2015

washington dc: smithsonian sculpture garden

i had intended to leave d.c. at 3:00 to avoid rush hour traffic and get to our hotel 4 hours away in plenty of time.  after walking the monuments, however, g mentioned that he wanted to go see the imax.  we talked about it and ended up staying and leaving d.c. after rush hour (sorta) at 6:00.  i'm not sure if rush hour ever ends in d.c., but it wasn't too bad.  we didn't get to our hotel till 11:00 that night, but that was okay too since we had a reservation.  it's good to be flexible sometimes.

so, we had some time to kill after the imax and as we wandered the streets we got to enjoy several beautiful gardens that we wouldn't have if we'd rush out of town earlier.  in the flower gardens, g graciously sat on a park bench and waited on me to finish photographing all the pretties.  i was a little surprised, though, at how much he enjoyed this sculpture garden.  he came up with his own names for all the sculptures as we walked through.  such fun times.

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