Monday, June 29, 2015

washington dc: the smithsonian

we came up from the metro, walked through a construction zone, turned the corner, and reached the promised land.

seriously, when we walked through the doors of the museum of natural history, i swear i heard the hallelujah chorus.

g and i were in nature nerd heaven.

we could have stayed here all day.

so much to see and learn and experience.

he's already planning a return trip for the summer of 2017 when the construction on the mall is finished.

he was amazed by the carolina parakeets and deeply saddened by their extinction.

his response was, "humans ruin everything."

sadly, this is too often true, but hopefully, we can learn to do better through places like this and the people who support them.

it takes a village to save a world.  or a global community rather.  including me and you.

so, yes.  this was quite a thrill after seeing jurassic world last week.

g came home with a cool new trex tshirt.  i had to settle for inheriting his old one.  ;)

i love the architecture in d.c.  this was taken from one of the Smithsonian windows.  classic lines.

my birthstone.

the hope diamond.  g knew nothing about it.  is it just me, or was this a bigger deal when i was a kid?  I've gotta remember to google it, so g can read all about it.

on to the next adventure . . .


  1. Firstly, I'm seething with jealousy. I've never been to D.C. and would love to go there! Secondly, G is so very wise -- and I love that he has the gift of empathy. Thirdly, thanks for sharing the pics! I'm always happy to live vicariously through you and your adventures.

  2. Ooh, how cool!!!!! I worked in the Nat History Museum for a while when I was a student and I also *always* heard the Hallelujah chorus every time I walked through the doors.....! I had *absolutely* no idea there had been parakeets in Carolina.....(love G's empathy)......keep these posts coming -as Jill says above, loving living 'La Vida Vicarious'....P.S. Jurassic World is *some film* isn't it???!!!