Monday, June 29, 2015

washington dc: smithsonian arthropod zoo

the smithsonian was the first museum to house a live insect zoo.  the actual title is arthropod zoo as their collection includes spiders and even a crab or two, i think.  like many smaller museums, there are interactive bug sessions for kids (and big kids) scheduled throughout the day.

i want to be a crazy bug lady when i grow up, except i do not want to walk around with the creepy stick bug from Australia.  but seriously, isn't she adorable?  the bug lady, not the bug.

wide eyed wonder.

unlike smaller museums, however, the smithsonian has a butterfly house inside the museum.  it's big and full of butterflies and happiness. 

while all the smithsonian museums are free, there are some events within them that are not.  the butterfly house was $6 for adults and $5 for kids.  we also saw saw "dinosaurs alive" in the imax for $16.50 for the two of us.

dining in the smithsonian is expensive.  i paid $31.50 for two slices of pizza, two pieces of fruit, two drinks, and one cupcake.

souvenirs are a mixed bag.  g's tshirt was $28.00, expensive.  i bought a hand carved bead and small sleeping cat (both from aventurine stone) for $9.00, not too bad.

i say this, not to slam the smithsonian.  on the contrary, i was happy to pay these prices knowing that i was contributing to the maintenance and expansion of such a gift to mankind.

and the rest is just an ode to beautiful butterflies.

oh, and i also want to be a science nerd like these guys when i grow up.

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  1. Can't imagine how happy G must have been here!!!! Love the last image! [Ouch: $31.50 for a snack lunch....ouch!]