Friday, June 19, 2015

wchs: busted!

another visit to my high school to photograph the wildflowers and the critters that love them.

this time g and one of his besties were in tow and wanted to see the little creek next door first.

these pretty butterflies were puddling right next to the parking lot and granted me a few photos.

and also this beauty.

the macro lens does NOT take landscapes well, especially not those with moving targets in them.

but oh does it work magic with the lacy flowers.

on a side note, i was complimenting the boy on finally learning to keep his nails trimmed and nonchalantly told me that he's been biting them off at school cuz it's easier and doesn't waste his time.  ugh.  boys.

i slipped and totally busted it while trying to hop over stinky algae.  i still have lovely scabs three weeks later.  and yes, charlie, i was indeed wearing flip flops.

boys in the flower field.

tiny spider on flower.

what a treat.  proud mommy moment.  both boys said i deserved to be in national geographic with this one.

the obsession with queen anne's lace continues.

i apparently just missed this one.  i went back a couple times to try to catch it in bloom, but no luck.  hmmm.  something to look for next year.

joining in with annie and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. you're visiting your high school? are these the playing fields? it looks a lovely quiet, relaxing place

  2. What a nice compliment to receive from your boys. Beautiful butterfly photos, love the colours on the wings in your first photos. Hope your knee is okay now :)

  3. Beautiful photographs. I find it so hard to take shots of butterflies although sadly there does seem to be less and less of them around now.

  4. The butterfly photos are amazing, you've captured such wonderful details.
    Love the flower shots, gorgeous pops of colour

  5. Fabulous photos, what a treat to have an area like this so close to school. I love the butterflies :)