Sunday, June 28, 2015

summer vacation wrap up: week four

week four was amazing!  we finally made it to washington d.c.!  i realized this is our first family vacation ever.  i think we travel a lot.  florida at least three times a year, random trips to texas, carolina, and honduras.  but all our trips are to visit family or even tagging on to their family vacations.  this is the first time i've had to plan a trip and get us there and back all by myself.  and i did it!  and we had a blast!

i will obviously have tons of posts in the next few days (and i do mean tons as in i've got to hit 30 posts by tuesday at midnight and this one just makes 18.).  for now, here's a little selfie overview.  sorry that i'm cut off in all of them.  it's hard to take selfies with the klunker not an iphone and then the one with the triceratops, well, i had to make room for her.  also, it's just as well that you can only see half of me.  i had a chronic bad hair day week.  i think my curls do not appreciate hotel showers.

1. g wanted to know what was so funny as we sat at discount tires waiting for a nail to be pulled and patched from the front driver's side.  i was giggling because i had dressed us in matching outfits that day.  he said he noticed, but just didn't care.  and a super thank you to discount tires for being so awesome.  i have said it before, but i will never go anywhere else for my tires.  their customer service is without equal.

2. monticello!  well worth the jaunt slightly off the path and really didn't add much distance at all to our drive.  beautiful place.  gorgeous.  we could have stayed all day, but had to make due with a few hours.

3. this day was all about the smithsonian, mainly the museum of natural science.  we both love that place so much.

4. our last day we made sure to see a few monuments and then did a few more things up smithsonian row like visiting this sculpture garden and catching an imax movie.

more d.c. photos coming soon!

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  1. Can't help but notice that this will probably be the last summer that you're taller than G :) Glad you had such a great vacation. Looking forward to seeing more!