Monday, January 2, 2012

pinteresting: me&you a layout

i've been enjoying pinterest quite a bit while on christmas vacation. pinterest is a wealth of inspiration. but i want to do more than be inspired this year. i want to create! one of my new year aims is to go from just enjoying pinterest to actually using it. i've decided that i want to make something inspired from my pinterest boards once a week in 2012.

now i was very careful about which aims i put into that weekly category. i'm a horrid procrastinator with vicious ocd tendencies. this is a stressful combination of personality traits to live with. i want to accomplish more, but i don't want to awaken the ocd beast. i've decided weekly will be okay for pinterest because it has so much variety. there will be plenty of overlap with this goal and my other goals and regularly scheduled assignments. i think the beast will remain in hibernation on this one.


my first pinteresting piece is based on the simple composition above. i recreated those cabinets and the heart string on my layout "me & you" with the artisan add-on for my january jbs mercantile gallery. i had a great deal of fun involving gesso and ink on the cabinets. i hope to do a technique video on the process for the january issue of the jbs mercantile gazette. i'll keep you posted on that one.

the layout is a sweet one of my sister and i on a lazy day fishing with g. i just love shadow pics, don't you?


  1. So you're a blogger girl now, eh? :-) Love the look of the new space! And I love the layout, so cool to see the source of inspo! I've been doing a lot of pinterest projects lately, but mostly cooking and crafts - I have yet to actually put my scrap inspo to good use. Happy new year, D, I hope 2012 is a great one for you!!

  2. Hi I've been following (checking in ) on your blog for quite a while. Thought this time I would leave a note.
    I love all the hearts on your LO, love the stitching too but what really caught my eye was the "shadow people"! Strong work!

  3. oh man ! when i saw that layout i thought the background looked like old panels! I love all your goals for the new year!

  4. Gorgeous layout. Funny, we both blogged about Pinterest last night.

  5. Beautiful interpretation Doris! Love it!