Saturday, February 4, 2012

art journal

i think i've had a bit of a breakthrough this week.  i feel like these pages have more depth, mainly because i'm learning to mix various mediums.  i've done well with using things i already have.  i did accidentally bring home a few new things from hobby lobby today.  it was bound to happen, right?  new goodies to play with this week!

the rest is a bit about what i did if you're interested . . .

the top section was painted with a wash of a few drops of speckled egg re-inker and a microscopic amount of water.  the clouds were painted on with white paint and then the same blue wash touched on them here and there.

the next section was painted with a mix of greens, blues, and walnut ink.  it came out a little murky.  oops.  i masked it off with mjasking tape.  you'll see that i'm kinda into the walnut ink now.  i have a bottle that i bought back when i first started scrapbooking.  the brown collaged look was way in then.  i've never used that bottle of walnut ink and actually thought about purging it many many times.  glad i kept hanging on to it.

the butterfly is a jbs rub-on single.  a wash of lemon drops was painted over it.  then yellow stickles rubbed over it with my finger.  i scored a couple free bottles of stickles the other day.  honestly, i didn't think i'd like it, but i do actually like it lots.  it's another layer and i'm finding i like layers.

the dandelion seed i sketched from an image in my botanicals board at pinterest.  it resides in a frame painted with speckled egg paint mixed with water.  a wash of the walnut ink is painted on the inside.

the salmon was another wash i mixed up, this time with chewing gum, chili powder, and lemon drops.  this one turned out much better.

happy with the dots as well.  those are lemon drops paint on a jbs foam stamp.  then a drew around them with a regular sized pink sharpie.  i have to give a shout out to the sharpie here.  my journaling is doing with a fine tipped sharpie pen here.  i killed about three of my american crafts precision pens on the first few pages of the art journal.  sharpie's are troopers though.  and my hand likes the way the right as well.  good find.

this is me trying to free paint after watching that strathmore video series.  i'm starting to think i have to free painting bones in my body.  the geometric circle was as close as i could get to free painting.  i had actually misted with a floral mask on the page first and that was a bust.  the good thing about art journaling i've found is you just cover up mistakes.  you can still see the blotchiness back there, but it's all good.  the circles are painted in several layers of three colors of the paint/water wash, some walnut ink wash, and the black sharpie.  i remembered to get out my stamps too.  the center of the circle is stamped with chili powder and a circle cut from a scrap of the new magpie paper.

the heart was cut from a piece of sewing pattern paper and glued to the page.  i did this in several places on the page and really like it.  it's also stamped and i think rubbed with ink of some sort.  the edge is a leftover piece of the new perforated stamps paper and the vintage calling card is from this month's antiquarian kit.


  1. breathtaking doris -

    what an adventure in your art journal you have ...

  2. Looks awesome D. I love the idea of covering up mistakes. I'm doing a lot of that ;) Those circles look fabulous.

  3. These all look amazing Doris! Love every bit of it!

  4. wow doris, i think you have found another of your God given gifts. this is incredible!!

  5. Your pages are stunning! I am adding you to my feed! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me! :)