Tuesday, February 14, 2012

pinteresting: castnet valentines

i have to laugh at myself sometimes.  i was that kid who couldn't just follow directions during project time at school.  oh no.  give me those three pronged beads and tell me to make a candy cane and wreath and i somehow end up with a bell and a christmas tree.  you might say i march to the beat of my own crafty drummer.  that's good, right?  except taking the crafty drummer's scenic route tends to take twice as long.

for example, i found these adorable buggy valentines on pinterest and had every intention of making them.  just like they are here.  honest.  but then i started thinking about these rolls of tulle i had at home and how cool would it be to make little butterfly nets but how exactly would i make those butterfly nets and then we spied the sea creatures and g really wanted them and kazam!  inspiration hit.  i think they turned out super cute.  and working on valentines till 10:00 pm last night and oversleeping by an hour this morning was totally worth it.  g went on and on about how popular his valentines were.  i'm so proud.

6" wide tulle
cotton thread
crochet hook
sewing machine
fishes, candy, and sentiments

1. cut tulle to approximately 6" x  9"
2. fold down top (long) edge to about a half inch seam and stitch across
3. fold in half with seam at top and raw edges on outside. stitch along side and bottom
4. tie all loose threads in a knot near seam and in bottom corner then trim excess thread
5. turn inside out
6. use a crochet hook to run a length of cottom thread through top seam
7. string beads and tie in a knot.
8. stuff with fishies, candy, and sentiment
9. gift


  1. EXTREMELY cool and creative!! Man! I sure bet those were popular! I like yours better than the pinterest ones - you rock, D!!
    We had the best v-day box - it was the paper mache mail box at Hobby Lobby turned on the end and made into a shark with an opening mouth for the cards. I can't wait to blog it tomorrow!

  2. AWESOME. I LOVE that!!!! Totally worth it to stay up late! :)