Sunday, February 5, 2012

menu plan 6: superbowl sunday

after jealously listening to all the superbowl tweets last year, i decided that this year i wanted a little company and a lotta food on superbowl sunday.  i talked chelle into inviting us over and we cooked and ate.  life is good if a little tight around the mid-section.

these superbowl skins were amazing.  i got baby red potatoes, coated them with evoo, sprinkled them with sea salt, then baked them at 450 for 30-40 mins.  then i sliced them, scooped out some of the middle, mixed that with a little butter, ranch dressing, salt, pepper, cheese, and crumbled bacon.  refilled them and sprinkled the tops with more cheese and bacon.  oh the yum.

this is sherri's recipe.  1 lb of sausage fried and drained, two cans of rotel drained, and 2 bars of cream cheese.  i made half the recipe hamburger for chelle who can't eat sausage.  i've decided i must take the remains of my half to the teachers' lounge tomorrow.  if i eat an entire block of cream cheese in a 24 hour period i will not look like madonna when i'm 54.

we also had chicken rotel dip, queso, key lime pie, caramel pie, strawberry shortcake, and superbowl cupcakes.  did i say life is good?

after four weeks of doing great, i mostly flaked on the menu plan last week.  oops.  you'll see lots of repeats this week.  but i'm getting back on track!

saturday: leftovers
sunday: superbowl
monday: chicken, potatoes, salad, strawberries
tuesday: beef tips with tomato and mushroom, rice
wednesday: salmon, salad, strawberries
thursday: french toast, bacon, oranges, carrots
friday: baked spaghetti at tammy's!

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  1. ROFL about the Madonna comment! Hey I was mistaken about her age, she will turn 54 this year.