Tuesday, February 7, 2012

g's drawings: inspired by carnivorous plants

i just love g's drawings.  each one is a charming little boy treasure (nature violence and all).  his little pictures were some of my greatest backpack finds in kindergarten and first grade (there's not been as many in second grade as his teacher this year wants them to read in their free time which is good too). 

i've saved several of these nature scenes over the years.  unfortunately, i'm not very good at dating them.  i decided it would be neat to post them here and have g explain what's happening.  he lit up like a christmas tree when i asked him to tell me about them, especially when he saw me writing his words down.  words are special.  unfortunately, i lost the post-it notes for these first too.  oops.  and this one was my favorite too.  sigh.  i try.  g can't really remember what's going on now.  he said maybe he could dream about them tonight.  he's a funny guy.  we do remember that creature in the bottom right corner is a basher crab though.  next time i will keep my post-it notes with my computer!  anyhoo . . . . these next two are g's words . . . i think this is such a great way to document what he's thinking and what he's interested in right now (like it's obvious these were in his carnivorous plant phase) . . .

this right here it's that aquatic worm but it evolved and got spikes on it and it grew teeth. 

it's called a flying fish.  it's eating a bird.  the little fish it swooshes itself in the sand and looks like a littler fish.  the bird swoops down to catch it and gets eaten.

this it's called a spike snake because of its jaws.  it has sharper teeth than the most poisonous snake in the world.

it's called a christmas trout because when it's close to christmas it starts turning green.

this was when most of them started to die out (creatures described from left to right). 

this is called a web hornet because of its head.  it mimics a hornet's pointy tip.  it waits for fish to walk by and it stabs the fish.  instead of having gills it only has lungs, but it has this pressure thing to keep the supply of oxygen inside it.

this is the fish trap plant.  it grew these poisonous leaves leaves and its tongue mimics a fish.

this one is the last of its kind because it keeps getting eaten up by the fish trap plant.  it only has lungs.  that's why it lives in the shallow end. 

it's a plant but it evolved and grew a longer chin and spikes all over its jaw. 


  1. That's pretty cute, Doris. Cute post. I love it when Zane explains to me what is going on in his drawings and I usually just write it on there to the side or on the back. He's quite an artist! Smart too!

  2. Last year I created a blog for each of my kids. I made them put some of their school assignments on there. Maybe next year when he is a little bit older you can create a blog just for him. Then let him put whatever he wants on there.

    I treasure what my kids wrote, even if at the bottom of every school project Aussie would write: i have to post somethings my blog for school... so if there embarrassing stuff like those [I HAD A GOOD DAY] stuff it doesnt MATTER!