Tuesday, February 21, 2012

g's bookshelf: the dragon diary

we loved this one even more than the first.  it was action packed.  i especially appreciated all the geography dugald a. steer worked into it and how creative he was in drawing from mythology, cultural traditions, and his own imagination to create such a variety of dragons.  we were very sad to not find any more in the series.  but oh my goodness!  as i was snagging an image for my blog post from barnesandnoble.com i dicovered that there IS a third!  woot!  we'll have to buy this one as our public library doesn't seem to have it anywhere in the county.  even more exciting news - there's a fourth scheduled to come out in august.  hooray!  also i have to give a shout out to the illustrator, douglas carrel.  beautiful work.

g says, "it's exciting when the secret society of dragons tells them that they're the only ones who kind find the two treasures.  and it was exciting when they fly all the way to paris.  they get attacked by a group of gargoyles.  it's exciting when they go to india and they find the nephew of the majarawal.  they find a sick nala dragon.  i really liked the hydras the most.  it has three heads and has three different types of flames."

as you can see, life is still "exciting" around here.  ha.  and as i was recounting our exciting weekend to my sister i told her how nice it is that g and i seem to be enjoying the same type of literature these days. 

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  1. I love that you are reading to him! I need to pick it up again. We get so bogged down with the normal school stuff that I forget to add anything fun.