Monday, February 13, 2012

menu plan 7: sockeye salmon

i almost flaked on the menu plan this week.  i was way tempted.  last week was such a wash.  we missed school monday and tuesday as g's cold went south and turned into a little asthmatic incident.  wednesday was an abbreviated day so teachers could have meetings in the afternoon.  thursday was parent teacher conference so an 11:00 to 7:00 pm workday.  then friday was MAJOR catch-up on all fronts at school after the wonky schedule all week.  the part-time computer work has also MAJORly piled up.  it's that time of year in the scrappy industry.  and of course the house is a pit.  we all know what doris does when she hits the overwhelmed freak-out zone.  no making lists and tackling the chores one by one.  oh no.  not me.  i ALWAYS go into ostrich mode burying my head in the proverbial sand aka a stack of trashy romance novels.  tis true.  the weekend was a wash too.  i'm slowly digging out today.  i think i might be functioning at 80% capacity by tomorrow.  vroom vroom vroom.

tonight's menu . . .

sockeye salmon - a couple pats of butter and a sprinkling of cilantro and sea salt.  baked at 400 for 15ish minutes i think.  served with fresh lime to squeeze on top.

red lobster baked potatoes - poked with a fork, rolled in evoo, sprinkled with sea salt, baked at 400 for an hourish.  mmmmmmmmmmmm.

carrots - raw.  what can i say?  my taste buds are quirky.  i eat cooked tomatoes but not raw and raw carrots but not cooked.

this week's menu plan:
saturday - hamburger, macaroni and cheese, carrots, strawberries
sunday - breakfast burritos, oranges, carrots
monday - sockeye salmon, red lobster baked potatoes, carrots
tuesday - french toast, bacon, oranges
wednesday - chicken noodle soup, salad
thursday - hospitality room at the basketball game/g at carrie's
friday - open

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  1. Boiling will get your potatoes done faster, and there's less of a probablem of them drying out.