Wednesday, February 1, 2012

january aims scorecard

carrie was taking her boys to the ymca to play basketball last night, so g and i tagged along.  i've never played basketball with g.  basketball's not really my thing.  it was a rather humbling experience.  as i was coaching him he said, "mommy! how'd you get to be so good?"  perspective.  ha!  maybe it was living in north carolina, sandwiched between the tarheels and blue devils for six years?  no seriously.  i stink.  but we had fun and g was so proud of his newly aquired skills.  he wanted me to video tape him for his pe teacher.  guess this means i'll be keeping that y membership after all.

so how are your new year's goals/resolutions/aims going?  i've decided to give myself a little monthly review to keep me motivated all year.  nothing like a looming report card to keep me on track.

non-paper crafts - 2/1
quality literature - 3/1
g's bookshelf - 1/1
5k - 1/1 (couch to 5k - epic fail, but that wasn't a specified blog performance indicator - ha)
hike - 0/1
nature journal - 2/4
art journal - 2/4
black and white stories - 1/4
menu plan - 5/5
pinteresting - 2/4
mini-album 1/1 (posting next!)
10 on the tenth - 1/1
scrappy class - 1/1 (i didn't write or teach one, but i'm giving myself credit for contributing to debbie's)
article - 0/1
subs - 0/1

average - 22/31 - 71% - D (ok the D looks bad, but i blogged 26 times!  wowzas!)

hey!  i'm going to rock february!  think positive!  :)


  1. Woah, you set yourself a serious task list there! forgot to add teach and parent to that epic list! I think you deserve a vacation!

  2. 71% in most schools is a C. AND that doesn't even take into consideration the curve that most teachers use. So you at least have a strong C, possibly even a B. ;-)