Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day ketchup . . .

goodness.  i currently feel like that second photo there.  like maybe i didn't need these extra 24 hours we got today.  it wasn't an overly stressful day, but it's been BUSY since i woke up at 6:00 am and i'm still trying to get'er done at 11:00 pm.  WHEW.  i won't bore you with the details.  well, of today at least.  i will bore you with a brief rundown of the last week or so.  my first ketchup post of the new year.  and i had been doing so well.  ah me.  anyhoo . . . the jbs mercantile march kits and gallery go live in another hour.  very pretty!  jenni's new release, magpie, is taking center stage.  love.

i am proud to report that we did indeed get out hike in this month.  more on that to come.  it was too good to not get it's own entry.  we went to cedars of lebanon state park and i really hope to go back when the wildflowers are in bloom.

this is our sweet pepito acquainting himself with g's new pet crickets.  they made the sweetest sound.  i loved their chirping.  i think they might be dead now.  not for lack of food and water, we actually bought cricket food.  nor for the cats.  we kept them away.  i think crickets just have a short lifespan.  i need to do a nature journal report on them.  maybe march will be a good blogging month and i can get it all in.

last weekend we had a sleepover.  fun times.  i should also mention here, simply because i have room, that we rented puss in boots and loved it as much as the first time, plus watched the lord of the rings trilogy.  have i mentioned how happy i am that g's watching big boy movies with me now.  i so loved tolkien when i discovered him back in my early teen years and was on the edge of my seat watching the movies.

still going strong with the menu plan.  what week is this?  eh.  i'll look it up later.  does this pic crack you up?  the orientation is off and i'm too lazy to edit it on the computer.  i don't know.  the composition is just funny.  and i am so rambling.  so this week we're dabbling in low carbs.  we've had steak and salad, baked chicken and salad, ham and salad, crab claws and salad.  you get the picture.  tomorrow we're doing fish and refried beans.  weird combo, i know.  it was g's idea.  and i'll not be partaking in the refried beans.  i don't do beans. 

i also managed to get a novel in this month.  enjoyed this one tremendously.  started the second, but it hasn't pulled me in yet.  not sure if it's the book, the hectic february, or a not in the mood thing.  i'll get back to it over spring break i'm sure.  7 school days to go.  i am counting.

and i have not one, but two mini-albums started.  woot.  this one was made from the march antiquarian kit and i love it.  so cute.  have another going with the march project kit, but don't have pics yet.  hope to have more to share with the both on the 10th. 

and now i'm going to clean the kitchen and catbox before heading to bed.  crazy but i just don't want to wake up to the mess in the morning.  it's so frustrating that i had everything tidy this weekend and it's already gone to pot.  stupid house.

oh.  and i'm cutting corners by not proofing.  pardon any typos and grammatical errors please.  thanks.  you're the best.  :)


  1. Your cat is GIGANTIC! I know that shouldn't be all that I got out of this post, but I am trying to figure out scale here, and the size of that chair compared to the size of your cat is blowing my mind. Are you sure it's not a puma? :)

  2. I love your cute mini album, and your blog style is so much fun! I'm your new follower :D

  3. p.s. in ref to Jill above, maybe it's not a giant cat, maybe it's a tiny chair! LOL