Thursday, March 1, 2012

baa baa black sheep . . .

despite sharyn's insidious remarks to the contrary, i am completely innocent.
i should be in bed right now, but i am contemplating blogging daily in march.
if i miss today i'm doomed.
i have ocd tendencies that are at times quite difficult to suppress.
wait.  did i blog yesterday?
life is such a blur.
i was going to make a march daily, but i haven't finished my october daily yet.
i have, however, signed up for a round of calvinball.
i've also joined a new mixed media challenge from the brilliant mind of megan.
she's great.
we had so much fun at the chat with karen.
can you tell?
i love spending time with good friends.


  1. The chat was hilarious, as always! Maybe Calvinblog would be a good challenge for you.

  2. Haaaa - Calvinblog :) You are so funny Doris - had to laugh at some of your links!

  3. And the fact that I get to be Bueller? I love you ever more.